Paranoid Alameda city councilwoman sticks city with $44,000 legal bill

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City Councilwoman Lena Tan presented the city of Alameda, California with an early Christmas present: a bill for $44,000 covering the cost of high-priced San Francisco criminal defense attorney John Keker.

Alameda City Councilwoman Lena Tam jumped the gun and hired a $44,000 criminal defense attorney while city was investigating the matter.

Tan was the subject of an internal investigation by the city, to determine if she had leaked confidential information to a developer interested in developing the old Alameda Naval Air Station. The city ultimately determined that there was evidence she had leaked the inside information, but county prosecutors decided not to press charges.

During the investigation, the city never contacted Tam about the matter.  Alameda City Attorney Teresa Highsmith said that the bills were unjustified, and that Tam was never charged with a crime, but simply being investigated.

Regarding the $44,000 bill, Tam said that she was letting the city of easy and decided to “not ask for pain and suffering imposed on me.”

San Francisco Chronicle

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Comments (3)
  1. Jim says:

    Lena Scam is an unethical woman. Read the reports for yourself and you’ll see
    the was up to some very unethical behavior. She may not have been charged for it, but that doesn’t
    mean she is innocent. How dare she present her attorney’s invoice to Alameda? First of all she wasn’t
    indicted. Second of all, what was the justification for her to run up a bill with an attorney if she was so innocent?
    Maybe she should have Suncal pay since she is on their payroll anyway.

  2. Mike Dubelko says:

    I agree. If she wanted some advice, how about a couple of hours of consultation? She could have also asked city council IN ADVANCE of spending a penny, and would have been told to do it at her own expense.

    They act like every city is flush with money.

  3. DHL says:

    If Ms. Tam did have the City’s best interest at heart, she would not bill her City that is already in financial dire straits under her very own leadership. Her colors have never more obviously true than in this action.

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