Rep. Dennis Kucinich sues cafeteria over olive mishap

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Rep. Dennis Kucinich has filed a lawsuit over a lunch-time incident, in which he ate a pita wrap sandwich in a House of Representatives cafeteria, which contained non-pitted olives. He is suing the four companies involved in running the cafeteria in the Longworth House Office Building for a total of $150,000.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich is suing four companies involved in running a congressional cafeteria, over an accident involving an olive.

The court documents say that Kucinich ordered the vegetarian sandwich wrap “on or about” April 17, 2008 that was advertised as containing “pitted olives.” After biting into it, he realized that it “contained dangerous substances, namely an olive pit.”

After consuming the sandwich, Kucinich incurred “serious and permanent dental and oral injuries” which required “multiple surgical and dental procedures.”

The lawsuit was filed on Jan. 3, and claims that the congressman is entitled to damages for future dental and medical expenses and to compensate him for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment. He also accuses the four firms of breach of implied warranty.

The former mayor of Cleveland, Kucinich has represented Ohio’s 10th district in the House for eight terms.

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Comments (5)
  1. Ruth DuBelko says:

    I didn’t realize an olive pit could do such damage. Apparently it does. I hope he gets compensated.

  2. Albatwitcher says:

    I’m glad I did not elect this scumbagging freeloader to office in Cleveland or to the House!

  3. Ruth DuBelko says:

    I don’t get it. If someone out of govt. did this would you call them a scumbag and take their livelihood away?

  4. Ruth says:

    This does seem like a petty lawsuit. I guess I stuck up for him because he is my Congressman.

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