Former police officer caught stealing groceries, hired by sheriff’s department

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The Norfolk County Sheriff’s office has confirmed that it hired a former Walpole, Mass. police officer, who resigned from the department after he was accused of blatantly stealing groceries from a local Stop & Shop market.

In April 2009, David Haddigan was placed on administrative leave from the Walpole Police Department, after authorities said he repeatedly filled up shopping carts with food while in uniform, and left without paying. Store employees did not stop or report him, for fear of retaliation. Other officers in the department learned of his actions, and turned him in.

Haddigan resigned from the force on July 1, 2009 after a number of meetings with police and town leaders, during which he was confrontational and uncooperative.

Haddigan could have afforded to pay for the groceries, having earned a total of $129,000 in 2008.

A sheriff’s department spokesman, David Weber, released a statement saying they were well aware of the alleged thefts before they hired Haddigan. “His eight years of service as a correction officer with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office prior to working in Walpole demonstrated to us that he has the ability to perform this job,” the statement read. “Mr. Haddigan has a master’s degree in criminal justice and he underwent the same evaluation and assessment procedures that all of our recruits undergo prior to their appearance into the academy.”

Despite the alleged crimes, Haddigan did not face criminal charges after his co-workers reported the thefts.

Following Haddigan’s resignation, Walpole’s Police Chief, Richard Stillman, said that it was better for Haddigan to quit, rather than pursue legal action against the officer and incur a lengthy and costly battle in courts and with the police union. “That was the best thing for the department. He was removed and he’ll never be a police officer again.”

That is, until 2011.

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Comments (2)
  1. Diane says:

    Sickening, will this police force be so lenient with Joe public when they chose to steal groceries? I am sure they won’t. This is a perfect example why we the people are loosing trust in the Government and its agencies. How much corruption can a society take before it completely breaks down. Godlessness breeds corruption.

  2. Red says:

    Of course they will be lenient with all shoplifters and now they will just pick them up from the store that accuses them of the crime and give them a job with the police department.
    Bank robbers will be sent to serve as financial advisers in the finance industry and so on.

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