Detroit School Board member “bugged” confidential legal settlement meeting

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As though Detroit’s public school system doesn’t have enough issues to deal with, apparently at least one of its school board members is trying to secretly sabotage its efforts to reach a legal settlement with embattled Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb.

In happier times: Detroit School Board President Anthony Adams and Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb.

The espionage was detailed in a memo sent by school board president Anthony Adams to all the board members, saying that during a “closed door” meeting to confidentially discuss a settlement, at least one board member had their cell phone turned on to send the 2-hour discussion to “outside community participants.”

The memo said in part “Such conduct is not to be tolerated. We need to do things in private.  To intrude on our process that way shows a tremendous level of disrespect.” The memo did not contain the name of the offending board member.

One board member, Dr. Carla Scott said “If it’s true, they should be sanctioned. I have no idea why someone would do something so inappropriate, so juvenile and unprofessional. I hope it’s not true,” she said.

The settlement with Bobb follows a ruling in December by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Wendy Baxter, in which she said that Bobb overstepped his authority by making academic decisions that should have been made by the school board. The decision came as the result of a year-long civil lawsuit brought by the school board against Bobb.

Bobb was appointed by Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm in March 2009 to deal with the district’s ongoing financial crisis. This year, the school system is expected to have a budget deficit of over $325 million.

Bobb was given a one-year contract that was extended through March 2011.

The Detroit News

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