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We’re delighted that you have spent some time on our site, and hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our content. Reading about the mishaps, missteps, misfortune and misplaced ethics and morals of our elected officials, public servants and big business interests, is a bit like seeing a major freeway accident. Terribly tragic, but it’s impossible to ignore.

While the articles within Corrupt Authority are intended to be informative, another loftier goal is part of our master plan. Should anyone in a position of public trust and power read the stories contained herein, we would like to think that they might think twice about any action that might make them the subject of one of our stories, and do what’s right. As we see in each story, eventually, nearly all of the offending parties get caught.

Although most of information that is used as the source of our articles come from national or big-city publications, we are always interested in reporting interesting stories from medium-city and small-towns. If you know of a story in your hometown that you believe might have slipped under our radar, and  would like to expose it to a larger audience, tell us about it and we’ll get it posted right away.

Please note: If you are a victim of a crime and believe it involves an elected official or government employee, please contact your local district attorney’s office or the FBI. As much as we’d like to help, we are a news service and unfortunately, do not have the resources to help you seek justice.

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